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In rural and suburban regions, conventionally organized public transport systems are reaching their limits, both in terms of available financial resources and the level of quality demanded.

With our mobility solutions tailored to the respective requirements of the municipalities or regions and our unique dispatching software, we intelligently close the gaps in public transport connections, offer a cost- and resource-efficient solution for the last mile, and bring mobility to where it is needed!

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About us


Our mission is to create a nationwide basic mobility service for Germany (Switzerland) that is affordable and sustainable for both the population and the public sector.

To achieve this goal, the ISTmobil team is composed of experts from several fields – transport planning, spatial planning, GIS analysis, marketing, software development, regional development – and is thus optimally equipped for all issues.

This enables us to create a holistic mobility solution for your regions, illuminated from a wide variety of angles.

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Want to know our mobility solution and our team better?

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Then write to us right away!

Want to know our mobility solution and our team better?
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Mobility must be thought of flexibly and individually – that’s why we have the right offer for every region!

Whether a complete ISTmobil on-demand mobility solution or individual components, we have the right solution for you! Or do you have completely new ideas about how YOUR on-demand mobility solution should work?

Our team of experts supports you in the selection and implementation of your mobility offer for your region and also breaks new ground with you!


Public transport analysis

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On-demand consulting

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Public transport analysis

The ISTmobil public transport analysis identifies existing gaps and weaknesses in the public transport offer and at the same time points out solutions that enable more efficient use of the existing public transport. Whether it is a call-bus system that replaces unattractive or underused bus lines or an ISTmobil on-demand mobility solution that closes the gaps in the public transport system and sustainably strengthens public transport, our experts will find all optimization potentials in your region.

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Our offer includes:

Public transport

The importance of public transport for environmental, urban, and regional development has increased massively in recent years and public transport is facing new challenges. In particular, the demands and requirements of the population for a modern public transport system will continue to increase and this development requires a significant improvement in the availability and financing of services.

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Our offer includes:


ISTdis® – A software as individual as mobility!

The ISTdis® software is an application-oriented dispatching software that intelligently records and assigns travel orders, taking into account the existing public transport system in an automated and real-time manner. The software solution enables efficient administration and at the same time uncomplicated applications. The ISTdis® software is a customized and individual solution, is always adapted to the requirements of our customers, and digitalizes mobility in every region.

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Everything from one source!

Our software offers dispatchers, passengers and drivers, modern, intuitive usability and consists of ISTdis® platform, ISTmobil app, and driver platform:

ISTdis® Platform

In the ISTdis® platform, you always have your mobility system in view in real-time and can monitor automated dispatching, control operations and, if necessary, also intervene manually. Whether fleet and passenger management, automated billing, manual or automated dispatching and much more, the ISTdis® platform is the heart of your on-demand mobility solution.

ISTmobil APP

Intuitive, fast, and safe – with the ISTmobil app, the passenger has everything under control.

The ISTmobil app is more than just a route planner. It is a multimodal booking platform that includes everything from public transport information to booking, pedestrian routing, and payment. And as a white label solution, it can be customized according to your design wishes.

Drivers* platform

Thanks to the driver platform, your drivers always have all the important trip information and the route in view. All you need to use the driver platform is a tablet, and all communication with the head office or with the customers, as well as billing, can be carried out via it.

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Our offer includes:


Are you looking for an innovative on-demand mobility solution that is ecologically and economically sustainable and perfectly tailored to your region and the desired target group?

Then you have come to the right place! We will be happy to advise you and offer you the opportunity to develop an individual mobility solution together with us, which can be integrated efficiently and sustainably into the existing public transport service. Our team analyzes and plans the use case together with you and develops the ideal and individually tailored operating parameters – service area, operating hours, service guarantee, fleet deployment, etc. – for your future on-demand mobility solution. – for your future on-demand mobility solution.

Our consulting services include

  • Regional baseline analysis
  • Development of operating scenarios
  • Mobility analysis
  • Rough cost calculation
  • Planning
  • Mobility consulting
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Our offer

ISTmobil as
a solution for
city, country
& tourism

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Mobility for


Mobility for


and especially


As an innovative hybrid of classic public transport and cab services, the ISTmobil on-demand mobility solution combines the advantages of both systems and offers an additional sustainable mobility service away from one’s car. Unlike other commercial providers, ISTmobil does not have its fleet of vehicles; instead, transportation services are provided locally by regional cab, rental car, or bus companies. In this way, existing mobility offers within a region are networked, a demand-oriented mobility supply is ensured and the regional economy is strengthened.

and especially


Mobility Solution

Advantages of the
ISTmobil On-Demand
Mobility Solution:

Creates nationwide
mobility coverage
ISTmobil closes
the “last mile”
Eliminates ghost
buses and blind
spots in the public
transport system
Reduces the
burden on the
public purse
Strengthens regional
value creation
Revolutionizes mass
transit in a socially
responsible way
Creates new job
opportunities and
increases the tourist offer
Conserves ecological
& economic resources
Efficiently bundles
Digitizes and strengthens
public transport

Make an appointment with our mobility experts today so that the future of mobility can start in your region!

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